Czech Television abolishes program managers for ČT1 and ČT2 channels

Jiří Kokmotos (left) was the manager of ČT1 channel, Jan Štern (right) managed ČT2 channel.
Jiří Kokmotos (left) was the manager of ČT1 channel, Jan Štern (right) managed ČT2 channel. Photo: Czech TV, collage: author

Czech Television (ČT) has decided to eliminate the positions of program managers for its ČT1 and ČT2 channels. As a result, Jiří Kokmotos and Jan Štern will no longer hold these roles.

Kokmotos is leaving the television entirely, while Štern will transition to a new position as a dramaturg for documentaries and new formats. The management of both stations will once again fall under the direct competence of Program Director Milan Fridrich.

Renata Týmová, the new Executive Director of Research and Analysis, along with the head of program composition, will also play a more significant role in the management of the stations.

According to ČT spokesperson Vendula Krejčová, the programming goals for ČT1 and ČT2 remain unchanged. These goals primarily include innovating the programming scheme, creating a more progressive lineup of shows, and introducing new program formats. "The Program Division will collaborate even more closely with the new Director of the Content Division, Tereza Polachová, to achieve these objectives," the spokesperson added.

The positions of program managers for ČT1 and ČT2 were only reinstated last autumn after years of absence, following the appointment of Jan Souček as the Director General of the public broadcaster.

"I am aware of what I declared. However, I set a clearly defined probationary period for myself, so that my colleagues from the management and I could subsequently evaluate this process and draw conclusions," stated Director General Jan Souček in a press release.

"Unfortunately, the progress did not manifest in some of the changes I made in October last year," he added at a public meeting of the Czech Television Council. According to him, the processes became more complicated rather than simplified.

"The managers in these positions will see their probationary period end on March 31st, and I have decided not to extend their contracts," noted the Director General. In April, a new organizational structure will be issued, in which these positions will no longer exist.

Before joining Czech Television, Jiří Kokmotos managed the program of Czech Radio's regional studio in Brno, while long-time producer Jan Štern was Souček's opponent in the election for Director General. Souček was inspired by some of Štern's ideas and offered him a position.

"We thank Jiří for his current cooperation. We are confident that he will soon capitalize on his undeniable professional qualities, and we wish him much success. We look forward to further cooperation with Jan Štern and are glad that he has decided to stay at Czech Television," said Milan Fridrich on behalf of Czech Television.

The new Executive Director of Research and Analysis, Renata Týmová, previously held the position of Head of the Research Department. The management of Czech Television decided to emphasize the importance of quality analyses and valid data for the functioning of the television by redefining her position in the organizational structure.

Týmová's task will be to strengthen and expand the work with data, which forms the basis for the programming of Czech Television and its online services. Her department will also more intensively monitor European trends in data management, not only from the European Broadcasting Union.

The obtained data will be used to create specific strategies for more precise programming aimed at individual target audience groups, in order to strengthen ČT's bond with viewers and enhance the effectiveness of public service.

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