Czech TV unionists end strike alert after achieving goals

Czech TV
Czech Television studio in Prague. Photo: Czech TV

The trade union organisations of Czech Television in Brno, Ostrava and Prague have decided to end the strike threat announced in June last year. According to their joint statement, they have achieved their goals.

The union representatives stated that they had reached collective agreements with the management of Czech Television. In addition, the Czech Television Council adopted a resolution in December warning about the unsatisfactory level of television fees.

"With this resolution, the Czech Television Council confirmed the legitimacy of the demands of the trade unions at Czech Television to urgently address the financing of public service media," said today's union statement.

"The management of Czech Television is currently actively involved in drafting legislation aimed at changing the financing of public service media so that it meets current needs while taking into account the irreplaceable role of Czech Television. The trade unions at Czech Television have achieved the goals set when the strike warning was announced," the statement continued.

The strike warning will officially end on 11 April 2023. "However, the trade unions of Czech Television will continue to monitor the legislative process aimed at improving the financing of Czech Television, as well as the implementation of the government's programme in the media sector," warned a letter signed by the chairman of the Prague television trade unions, Vlastimil Vojtěch, and his colleagues from Brno and Ostrava.

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