Children's TV channel Déčko ranks as best for third consecutive year

On-air graphics of TV station Déčko. Photo: Czech TV

ČT Déčko, the children's television station of Czech Television, has defended its position as the top-rated TV channel in the Czech market for the third consecutive year. Prima Zoom came in second place, followed by the National Geographic channel.

The rankings for 2022 are the same as those for 2020 and 2021. However, in comparison to previous years, the stations have slightly worsened in their overall ratings. 

Five out of the ten best-rated television stations are documentary channels, including Prima Zoom and National Geographic, as well as others like the Discovery Channel and Animal Planet. HBO and ČT Sport are also among the long-term well-rated TV channels.

These results are revealed by the third annual Atmedia Index research. The research is conducted by Atmedia, a company that commercially represents almost 30 thematic television stations in the Czech market.

The list of the top ten best-rated television stations has been consistently stable, with eight of the same stations appearing in the rankings each year. 

"Almost all the television stations we included in the research had a lower index in the last year than in previous years. The average index of all television stations for last year is 61.6 points, which is 2.6 points less than in 2021 and 2.1 points less than in 2020," explains Atmedia research head Pavel Müller.

The index for the top-rated ČT Déčko for the last year is 77.6 points, while an unnamed television station sits at the opposite end with a score of 42.8.

The best-rated attributes that contribute to the overall index are long-term visual quality of broadcasting, program composition, and quality of television shows. 

"This is especially true for documentary, children's, and movie channels. Those are also the ones their viewers would most often recommend to their acquaintances," says Pavel Müller. Other examined attributes include visual identity and overall impression of television stations.

In addition to evaluating the quality of television stations, the Atmedia Index also examines the supported knowledge among viewers. The most well-known television stations are unsurprisingly the full-format Nova, Prima, and ČT 1, followed by other nationwide stations of these television groups.

"High knowledge is also achieved by some paid thematic television stations with a long-term built brand. Examples include HBO, National Geographic, and Disney Channel," adds Pavel Müller.

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