Telecoms regulator seeks public input on DAB+ frequency allocation

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The Czech Telecommunication Office (ČTÚ) has published a proposal outlining the conditions for the tender for commercial DAB+ digital radio networks. The aim is to allocate frequencies to applicants for establishing 2 nationwide and 27 regional radio networks. The public can comment on the new proposal until 29 May 2023.

ČTÚ previously held a public consultation on the proposal earlier this year, but this was cancelled following the appointment of new chairman Marek Ebert. The office subsequently organised two workshops with stakeholders.

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Based on the feedback received, ČTÚ decided to change the auction format from a single-round sealed-envelope auction with confidential bids to a more transparent electronic auction.

According to chairman Marek Ebert, the renewed public consultation aims to ensure a more transparent and open process. The goal is to create the right conditions for the successful development and transformation of the new broadcasting format into a permanent and stable transmission.

Up to 16 radio programmes can be broadcast simultaneously in each of the digital multiplexes. At present, Czech Radio's nationwide broadcasting network is in operation, using frequency blocks 12C and 12D. Temporary local DAB+ networks also broadcast in areas where a frequency block has been found and internationally coordinated for a limited period.

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