Prima Cool introduces AI-powered audio descriptions

mVoice Studio
The software generates highly realistic voices in Czech and other languages. Photo: Prima Group

The Prima Cool channel now provides audio descriptions for its programs using voice synthesis technology, allowing visually impaired viewers to enjoy a more immersive viewing experience. The additional audio track can feature child, female, or male voices.

Prima TV has collaborated with the Czech technology company MAMA AI to develop this technical solution. The software generates highly realistic voices in Czech and other languages. A selected voice actor records several samples according to a predefined script, which the artificial intelligence then uses to learn and create a voice model.

To create an audio description for a program, it is first uploaded to the mVoice Studio software. A specialist studies the content and prepares descriptive texts for the visually impaired, which may include descriptions of people, environments, expressions, and gestures.

See the sample video of AI-powered audio description

"It's a basic commentary that doesn't require specific emotions or diction, which could otherwise interfere with the program's original audio track, which is very important for the visually impaired viewer," explains Jaroslav Richtr, the head of dubbing at Prima Group.

The generated commentary is only audible to viewers who activate the audio description feature on their devices, usually labeled as "audio description" or abbreviated as "AD".

"We are pleased to be the first in the market to introduce this innovative voice model for audio descriptions. Working with experts from MAMA AI, we have devised a specific process that allows us to effectively convey the plot and setting of programs to visually impaired viewers. We have been developing and improving this new solution for years, taking into account the needs and preferences of our viewers to maintain a highly personalized and high-quality audio experience," added Jaroslav Richtr.

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