Online TV station DVTV to launch terrestrial broadcasting

Czech TV viewers can look forward to another channel that they will be able to tune in to using a regular antenna.

The originally internet-based project DVTV is preparing to enter terrestrial broadcasting. Its owners decided to take this step after experiencing success with broadcasting the DVTV Extra station, which T-Mobile customers have been able to watch exclusively for several months.

"Those six months actually made us do what we didn't want to agree to at the beginning, which is to go terrestrial. Broadcasting a terrestrial signal is expensive, and we are, after all, a small company. Nevertheless, we realized that this is a big opportunity for us, so we have applied for a terrestrial license. I think we will get it within a few weeks. And if everything goes well, we will launch our own channel," announced moderator and co-owner Martin Veselovský in an interview for the podcast Mediální cirkus (Media Circus).

The online DVTV currently has around 20,000 subscribers. "It oscillates around that number, and at the same time, we have expanded into the form of a publishing house, where we do a lot of other things that surround the core. Which is still interviews. But we have expanded so that if one of the tribes falters one month, the others will cover it," added Daniela Drtinová.

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