New music and lifestyle channel OK TV set to launch in May

OK TV logo
Photo: OK TV

OK Music Television, a Czech company, is preparing to launch a new music and lifestyle channel called OK TV in May. The channel will be available throughout the Czech Republic via terrestrial distribution, likely utilizing the nationwide DVB-T2 network operated by Digital Broadcasting.

The Council for Radio and Television Broadcasting granted OK TV a license in January of this year. According to the basic program specification, the channel will feature music and entertainment produced in the Czech Republic, as well as music videos from around the world. The programming will be 24/7 and in the Czech language.

OK TV's program schedule will include documentaries, sports programs, and various types of entertainment shows. The license states that "additional information may be provided through information bars, in a separate strip separated from the broadcast content, or through pop-up windows, depending on the content being broadcast."

The free terrestrial broadcasting market already has several music channels. The oldest is the music television channel Óčko, which has been on the air since 2002 and is available not only via DVB-T2 but also on satellite and IPTV. TV Rebel, a station focused on rock music, broadcasts in the same network as the upcoming OK TV.

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