Discrimination lawsuit challenges Czech TV director selection

Ondřej Vrbík
Ondřej Vrbík. Photo: Handout/Converted to landscape orientation with Adobe Firefly

Architect Ondřej Vrbík, who was not selected as a finalist for the director general position by the Czech Television Council, has filed a lawsuit alleging discrimination. He is seeking to have the selection process annulled at the District Court for Prague 4.

Vrbík received one vote from the council members in the first round of voting, and none in the second round. The finalists selected for the position were Petr Dvořák, Pavel Hřídel, Martin Konrád, Jan Souček, and Jan Štern.

"I am seeking to have the selection process annulled due to discrimination and unequal treatment of candidates. I also demand a new selection process for this position at Czech Television," Vrbík wrote in the lawsuit, which was delivered to the court today.

He added that the lawsuit pertains to the conditions before the voting and the overall selective approach to candidates. He did not wish to comment further on his action.

The defendant in the case is Czech Television. The Czech Television Council does not have legal personality in itself.

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