Czech audiences captivated by King Charles III's coronation

Coronation of Charles III. - CNN Prima News
Coronation of Charles III. Photo: CNN Prima News

The coronation of Britain's King Charles III on Saturday attracted the attention of hundreds of thousands of Czech viewers. The most watched moment on Czech TV attracted 718,000 viewers, while TV Nova had 687,000 and CNN Prima News had 270,000.

These figures were provided by the broadcasters. The coronation was watched by at least 1.19 million people for three minutes on ČT24, with the entire five-hour programme averaging 495,000 viewers in the 15+ age group (more than a 27% share).

TV Nova broadcast a special edition of its morning magazine, which averaged 208,000 viewers for the whole programme, including children aged four and over. An average of 717,000 viewers aged four and over tuned in for at least three minutes. The live coverage of the Coronation was watched by an average of 468,000 viewers aged four and over during the entire programme, with 1.291 million viewers aged four and over tuning in for at least three minutes.

The most watched time slot on TV Nova was between 12pm and 1pm, with a 30.73% share of viewers aged 15-54. Audience interest peaked at around 1pm when 687,000 viewers aged four and over watched the programme on TV Nova.

CNN Prima News saw its most watched moments reach 270,000 viewers and the channel's all-day share of viewers aged 15+ reached a record 5.88%. At least 971,000 viewers aged 15+ watched CNN Prima News for three minutes on Saturday.

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