Canal+ to launch streaming service in Czech and Slovak markets

Canal+ VOD
Canal+ VOD service myCanal in France

French company Canal+ will soon launch its own streaming service for the Czech and Slovak markets. "I cannot reveal the date, but it will be soon. Our preparations are at their peak," said Jaromír Glisník from the M7 Group, which is orchestrating the project, in an interview with The streaming service can be purchased by anyone and will also be offered as an additional service by competing operators.

In addition to films and series, the streaming service will include live broadcasts from Canal+ Sport and Canal+ Action.

"The market for TV channels is indeed highly competitive. At the same time, it is important to remember that viewers increasingly prefer non-linear viewing. They like to watch their programmes when they want to, not when they are broadcast. We want to take this trend into account and invest in non-linear content alongside traditional TV channels," Glisník added.

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